Get Started Guide Part 2

Get Started for Tutors and Admins 👩‍🏫

After completing part 1 of the get started for tutor guide, in part 2, you will learn how each of the users (parents, students, and teachers) interact with the platform. Afterward, we’ll teach you how to save time by setting up email templates and notifications.

Parent Portal 👩‍👦

This section covers how parents navigate the online portal to make payments, book lessons, view class activities, and communicate with the teacher.

Once the parent registers and logs into the portal, they can make payments online.

Click on the invoice number to view the invoice and make a payment

Once paid, it will show up on paid invoices

By default, the system will only allow parents to book a lesson once paid for the course. (You can change this on settings with your admin account)

To book a lesson, the parent will navigate to the specific course and click booking. After the booking schedule is opened, click on make a booking to request a booking.

When the booking has been made, it will show up pending for the parent.

On the admin portal, you will get a notification when a booking request has been made. you can view the booking request on scheduling> Courses > Bookings

The next step is to accept the booking.

Note: You can automatically accept bookings by going to tools > settings > scheduling > booking scheduling to enable automatically accept bookings

Parents can communicate with you by clicking on the chat icon.

Student 🧑‍🎓

Below Is the view of the student portal. This student view is displayed when the parent links to the student. The top menu options (i.e., Booking, Billings, Profiles, Gradebook) are removed from the student view.

When students log into the portal, they can make bookings, view lesson materials, view schedules, and launch the virtual classroom.

Teacher Portal 👩‍🏫

When you are ready to teach a class, you will need to log out as the admin and log in as the teacher.

Once you are in the teacher portal, you will see the weekly schedule section on the right side. Next, click on the course title (blue link) to enter the course.

As soon as you are in the course, you can launch the virtual classroom and submit attendance.

Submitting the attendance will help the system keep track of the student’s lesson credits.

Selecting Present, Absent, and Tardy will deduct a lesson or time from the student.

Selecting Leave will not affect any lesson credits.

Advanced Setup

Notifications and customized Templates 🔔 📝

This section shows you how to customize invoice email templates and set up email notifications.

You can set up and customize your emails based on specific actions. Once set up, you will save time by having the system automatically send various emails to you.

Below are a few examples of what it can do.

  • Send lesson reminders
  • Booking confirmations
  • Invoices
  • Send reminders if the lesson credits are low

Under this step, we will cover:

1.     Documents – creating important documents 
2.     Email templates and automated rules – set email rules for all profile types



You can create your documents and personalize the emails. This section will cover customizing enrollment invoices.

Enrollment Invoice = automatically email an enrollment invoice notification after the student enrolls.

Once you are in the edit contract template section, you will customize your template. These templates are personable with a shortcode function.

Short Codes

The shortcodes allow you to personalize the emails quickly. The shortcode will insert the owner’s information into the template.

To see the complete list of shortcodes to reference, click on the shortcode button shown below.

Click on the Preview button

Customized Emails and Set Email Automation Rules 📧

Automated emails help you send out emails based on specific actions. We recommend you review all four profiles (Admin, Student, Teacher, and Parent) to see which emails you would like to activate or not.

If you want your emails automated, it is highly recommended to visit each view of the roles that apply to your school and look through all of the available email templates.

Below is a snapshot of email templates under the student’s view. Go through each email template by clicking on the edit button. Once you have created the email, remember to activate the automation rule by checking the on box.

Some of the most popular and recommended automated features include:

New Login and Password = you should turn this function on for all roles (students/teachers/admins/parents) that apply to your school. When a new profile is created, Ayotree will automatically email the login info to the new user.

Email reminder before a lesson starts = send an email x hours before the start date. 

Paid Payment = notify the student that payment has been processed.

Booking Accepted = notify the student that payment has been processed.