The Most Comprehensive School Management Software Features in the Cloud.

Before discovering Ayotree, customers told us they struggled with combining several different tools. We feel your pain. That’s why Ayotree puts everything all in one place, available anywhere and on any device.

All-In-One Tools to Help You Manage and Grow a Successful School.

Whether your organization is just starting out or is an established institution, Ayotree can help you operate smoothly and grow effectively. Ayotree combines powerful software tools that schools and businesses need for operations, finances, customer relationships, and, most importantly, educating.

Online Billing, Invoicing, & Contracts

Send invoices, accept payments, and execute legal documents securely online. Everything is backed up instantly to the cloud using industry-standard encryption.

Quick & Easy Scheduling

Scheduling classes, events, and meetings is simple through Ayotree. Reserve classrooms and meeting spaces instantly at one campus or several locations using Ayotree Franchise.

Accept Payments with No Fees

Ayotree is flexible enough to work with almost any major payment gateway in the world. Unlike most other services, Ayotree does not take a transaction fee when you get paid. Your payment processor’s fees may apply.

Attendance Tracking & Reporting

Easily keep records of attendance and performance so you can promote a successful learning environment. You can even generate reports to help you understand the data you’ve collected over time.

Send Email Alerts & Newsletters

Send email announcements to groups or individuals. Blast an email newsletter to everybody or automate emails to be sent to students when they’ve missed a class. Ayotree lets you make the rules.

User Profiles for Everybody

Each user gets their own account with their own preferences and records. Administrators can set permissions for different users such as staff, faculty, teacher’s assistants, students, and more.

Customer Tracking CRM

Stay in the loop with a built-in CRM. Ayotree’s Customer Tracking feature helps bring organization and visibility to your contact history with customers, vendors, prospects, and partners.

Teach & Learn Online with Virtual Classrooms.

Teach classes from anywhere in the world using Ayotree’s integration with the leading Online Classroom services, including Zoom, ClassIn, Vedamo, BigBlueButton, and more. Make the online learning experience better with an interactive whiteboard, screen sharing, video & presentation player, and a chat room for questions and discussion. All Ayotree plans allow for an unlimited number of group and one-on-one sessions at the same time.

Mobile Student Portal.

Ayotree’s Student Portal lets students attend online classes and manage their accounts from their mobile device. Students can use their smartphone or tablet to learn online, download course materials, complete online assignments and exams, pay their invoices, and lots more!

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What’s the Big Deal About the Cloud?

“The Cloud” is essentially a group of secure computer servers where all your data is stored and all your computing tasks are performed. You access these cloud-based servers through an internet connection from anywhere in the world. In comparison, not working on the cloud means everything is computed and stored on your own computer. Read on for more benefits of using Ayotree “on the cloud.”

Many Users Can Work Simultaneously

Multiple users can simultaneously access the same services and data. All the records in your system are updated instantly, so everyone sees the most current information. This helps avoid duplicated or conflicting records.

Data Is Protected & Always Backed Up

With Ayotree, your data is protected using industrial strength encryption. This keeps bad actors from seeing your data as it is transmitted across the internet. Your information is backed up instantly onto our secure servers.

Always Updated to the Latest Version

You’ll never have to update software again! Each time you log in, you will be accessing the latest version of Ayotree. This lets us fix bugs as they are found, so that you can have the most effective and secure experience possible.

Customize Your Ayotree Experience.

Ayotree offers many exceptional technical features, but it’s our personal attention to customers that has earned us the most praise.

Available in Many Languages

Ayotree’s customers are based all around the world, so we’ve made our software available in several of the most common languages. We’ll continue to add localizations based your needs.

Use Your Own Logo & Colors

Your company’s look and feel reflects your history and values. Give customers a branded experience by customizing Ayotree with your organization’s logo and colors.

Get Paid Your Way

Accept online payments using the most popular payment gateways, including Paypal, Stripe, Alipay, and more. If your preferred payment gateway isn’t currently supported, contact us to see if we can add it.

Ample Storage for Files & Lessons

Each Ayotree account comes with ample server space to securely store all files, records, and lessons for most organizations. On the rare occasion that more space is needed, you can request to increase the limit.

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More Teachers, More Students, and Online Enrollment with Ayotree Premium.

Perfect for larger organizations, Ayotree Premium provides you with all the standard features plus more teacher accounts, more student accounts, and a convenient online Course Catalog where students can self-enroll.

Support More Teachers

Ayotree Premium allows your school to have up to ten separate teacher accounts, compared to the one you get with Ayotree Standard. Add more teachers at any time as your business grows.

Serve More Students

Support up to 100 student accounts, compared to the limit of 10 students on Ayotree Standard. If you need to accommodate more students, simply add more student accounts at any time.

Self-Enroll Online

The Course Catalog saves administrators time by allowing students to browse course information, enroll themselves, and pay for their desired courses online.

Manage Multiple Campuses & Locations with Ayotree Franchise.

Scheduling instructors and reserving facilities can get complicated when your company has multiple locations. Schools and businesses with more than one campus will love the multi-site features in Ayotree Franchise.

Multiple Locations

Operate multiple business locations using one system to simplify reporting and accounting. Up to five campuses can function independently while allowing full visibility from the main office. Add more locations as your business expands.

More Teachers & Students

Have up to 30 teacher accounts and 1,000 student accounts. Each teacher or service provider can be assigned to their own courses and rooms. If you ever need to add more teacher or student accounts, just let us know!

More Storage

Ayotree Franchise gives you ten times more data storage so you can manage more locations, instructors, course materials, and student records. With 100GB of storage, it’s unlikely you’ll need more space, but you can add more at any time if needed.

Let Independent Instructors Offer Unique Courses with Ayotree Marketplace.

Ayotree Marketplace is the best way to unite a network of instructors who teach languages, computer programming, music, and more. Empower teachers to offer their own classes and students to choose courses they prefer.

Teachers Create Their Own Storefront

Think of it as the eBay of learning. Teachers create a virtual storefront to showcase their expertise. Teachers offer their own courses and set their own pricing. Students can shop for the education that fits their needs.

Students Choose Teachers & Lessons

Ayotree Marketplace is a virtual shopping mall for learning where students shop for teachers and lessons that interest them. Students can choose the classes which are available at the time and price that works for them.

Separate Bookings & Payments

Every instructor’s storefront is independent so bookings and payments are recorded separately to help simplify accounting and reporting. Lessons are purchased directly from the instructor. You simply collect a fee.

White Label: Remove Ayotree Branding

Your company’s look and feel reflects your history and values. Ayotree Marketplace allows you to essentially “white label” your experience, replacing all Ayotree branding with your own. You’ll only need to pay a one-time setup fee.

Simple Pricing. No Surprises.

Ayotree has simple monthly pricing with no surprise costs. We do not take any transaction fees when your customers pay online, although your payment processor may charge a fee. What’s more exciting is that your first month is free!

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Friendly Customer Service.

Ayotree representatives are here to answer your questions and help you get the most out of our software. We love to hear your ideas on how Ayotree can work better for your unique needs.

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