Virtual Classroom + Ayotree

There are many virtual classroom solutions available. Why not choose several of them to best suit your needs? 

Ayotree allows you to choose up to five different virtual classroom software to run your school.

Ayotree offers 3 virtual classroom apps included in every plan.

  1. Ayotree Virtual Classroom
  2. Big Blue ButtonĀ  (BBB)
  3. Zoom Basic
  4. Whereby
  5. Google Meet

The first two apps are best suited for small to medium size classes, while Zoom Basic is great for classes under 40 minutes. 

If these 3 applications do not meet your virtual classroom requirements, you can connect a 3rd party virtual classroom app with Ayotree. For instance, you can use Zoom Pro for your virtual classrooms and Ayotree to manage and schedule your Zoom Pro classes.

Ayotree provides the flexibility to choose your virtual classrooms according to your specific needs. If you have a school with many small classes and a couple of large-sized ones, you can use a combination of different virtual classroom apps at once and have Ayotree automate the administrative tasks for you. 

Below are the 3 included apps.

ayotree Highlights
-12 users max
-No time limit
-No apps to download
-Minimalistic user interface
-Ideal for children

Compatible with Chrome and Firefox (latest update)
Compatible with all iOS 12.3 or later

Here is a video of Ayotree’s features.

ayotree Features
-Video Play

BigBlueButton Highlights
-12 users included (up to 150 users max. additional fees)
-No time limit
-Robust virtual classroom features
-Intuitive user interface
-No apps to download

Below is a video overview for BigBlueButton.

BigBlueButton Features
-Breakout Rooms
-Screen Sharing
-Multi-user whiteboard

Zoom Basic Highlights
-100 users max
-40-minute time limit per session
-Need to download the app to run
-Intuitive user interface
-Very compatible and stable

3rd Party Integration

You also have the option to connect Ayotree with a 3rd party virtual classroom software listed below.

-Zoom Pro

Ayotree also offers custom services to integrate a 3rd party virtual classroom apps not listed above.

Contact support at for assistance.