Virtual Classroom Setup

How to quickly set up and test your virtual classroom

After you complete the setup guide, this section will help you start your virtual classroom.

First, we want to make sure the virtual classroom is enabled for the course.

Setup Virtual Classroom

Log in as admin.

Go to scheduling>course list to view the courses. Click on the more button of the course and select Edit Course.

You will see the virtual classroom settings section below. 

Check the box to enable virtual classroom.

If you don’t have any students enrolled in the course, let’s add one student to test the virtual classroom.

Under the course enrollment section, click on Add New Student.

Be sure to fill out the fields below to create a student test account.

  1. First Name
  2. Last Name
  3. Login Status (adjust to active)
  4. Username
  5. Password

Launch classroom

To launch your virtual classroom, you will need to log in as a teacher.

Note – Only the primary admin can log in through

For all other users (regular admin, teacher, or student), they need to use the login portal (school URL) to log in. 

To see your school URL, it is under the tools tab. 


Once logged in as the teacher, you will see the weekly schedule section.

Select the course with the virtual classroom by clicking on the blue course title link.                                                                             

Once you are in the course, you will see your course dashboard. 

Under the course information section, you will have the option to launch your virtual classroom from 5 different platforms below:

1. Ayotree
2. BBB (BigBlueButton)
3. Zoom (Free Version)

4. Whereby
5. Google Meet

(Check out our Virtual Classroom page to learn more.)

Once you selected the virtual classroom platform, click on the Launch Virtual Classroom button to start teaching your class.


Log in as a student from another computer to see the student dashboard.

Under the course information, select Launch Virtual Classroom.