Introducing Ayotree Mobile Student Portal

We’re very happy to announce the preview release of Ayotree’s Mobile Student Portal. With a beautiful new user interface, the Student Portal lets students use Ayotree on smartphones and tablet devices.

This preview version allows students to log into their school dashboard, enter their enrolled courses, and attend online lessons using the virtual classroom. The full Student Portal will include redesigned mobile-friendly features such as enrolling in and paying for courses, booking lessons, completing online assignments, and more. Additional features will be added automatically as they become available over the coming months.

Students can access the preview release of the Student Portal via web browser on mobile devices using a new link at the bottom of their normal student login page. Native Android and iOS mobile apps will be available on their respective app stores in the coming weeks. 

We hope the Mobile Student Portal will help you better engage your current students and better attract more new students. As usual, please feel free to contact our support team if you need help.



How do we activate the new student portal?

For the vast majority of schools, no additional action is needed to activate the new Student Portal. Students can find a new “Try new student portal” link at the bottom of their normal student login page.

White-label customers need to contact support for activation.

Which web browser is compatible with the new student portal?

The student portal works with most mobile browsers. The portal was specifically designed for mobile devices but can be accessed on desktop browsers. Users of Firefox and Internet Explorer browser version IE9 or older may experience some issues.

How do students access the student portal?

Students can visit their regular login page, then click the “Try new student portal” link at the bottom of the page. They will be redirected to a redesigned mobile-friendly login page.

What are the differences between the old portal and the new portal version?

The biggest difference is that our new student portal is designed to be used on mobile devices. The user interface is designed to respond to smaller sized touchscreens. The previous version can be accessed on smartphones and tablets, but may be more difficult to see and use.

Does it cost us to switch to the new portal?

It is free for all schools to offer the mobile student portal to their students. We believe this will help our schools provide education to their current students and help them attract prospective students.


When will other features be available?

The full features of the Student Portal will be added one at a time as they are developed and tested over the next few weeks and months. To see a preview of all features that will be in the student portal, watch this video.

When will apps be available for Android and iPhone?

Student Portal mobile apps are coming in 2023. Once approved, the Android app will be available on the Google Play store, and the iOS app will be available on the App Store. The student portal can always be accessed using a web browser on the student’s mobile device.

How can students book a lesson on the student portal?

Coming in 2023, students will be able to use the student portal to browse available lessons and book them directly on their mobile devices.

How can students enroll in a course on the student portal?

Later in 2023, students can browse their school’s Course Catalog, enroll in available courses, and pay their invoices using their mobile devices.

Where is the calendar?

The calendar feature will be available in 2023 as part of the ability to book lessons.


Where can I get my school ID?

Some students may need your school ID to access the login page for the new student portal. Most of the time, the school ID can be found in the URL of the login page. It is the number at the very end of the URL that comes after “&MasterTeacherID=”. If you have trouble finding this number, please contact Ayotree support to receive your school ID.

Why can’t my students retrieve their passwords?

The student may have entered an email address that is not associated with their account, or the email address is already used for another account in your school’s database (such as a parent’s account). If this is the case, please contact Ayotree’s support team for help.

The “Forgot Password” link doesn’t work.

Please make sure students enter the correct email address. The “forgot password” won’t work if students enter the wrong addresses or if the email address is used for multiple accounts in your school.

Why is the Enter Virtual Classroom button grayed out?

Two settings may cause the “virtual classroom” button to be disabled:

1. The virtual classroom setting is not activated for the course that the student is trying to access.

2. The school setting  “Disable VC Room on Pending Invoices” is activated. This setting requires that students settle all pending invoices before they are allowed to access the virtual classroom. 

I don’t see the link to switch to the new portal.

In the rare case that your student login page does not have a link to try the new student portal, please contact Ayotree support with a screenshot. We’ll need to look into this issue on a case-by-case basis.