Ayotree Custom Integration & White Label Services

Effective September 1st, 2021

To help our customers create a uniquely branded experience for their businesses, Ayotree offers a variety of customization services and third-party integrations. These services are available to our customers using the Ayotree Premium, Franchise, and Marketplace plans. Ayotree Standard users can upgrade their subscription plans to receive these services.

Continue reading to learn about all the customization and third-party integration services we provide as well as our standard pricing for these services. To request a service, please chat with our support team or email support@ayotree.com.

White Label

(Remove Ayotree branding, use a custom domain name and custom email domain)

Some businesses may find it important to remove the Ayotree name and logo from our software and web address or “white label” Ayotree. While we rely on our branding to grow our business, we would be happy to help make your instance of Ayotree fully custom-branded. 

The White Label service includes removing Ayotree’s name and logo, a custom web domain, and a custom email domain. This will allow your customers to have an end-to-end customized experience. There is an additional cost for this service and you can find pricing information below.

Custom Domain Service

If you prefer to use your own URL or domain name* to access your Ayotree site, we can help with that customization. This will allow your customers and students to visit a web address such as “yourschoolname.com” instead of the provided web address “yourschoolname.ayotree.com”. Having a custom domain name also gives you the option of using that domain for the automated emails that Ayotree sends as part of our regular service, for example, “noreply@yourschoolname.com” instead of “noreply@ayotree.com”.

* Please note that Ayotree does not provide you with the custom domain name. You may use any of the many available domain name registrars to purchase your custom domain. Once you’ve registered your custom domain name, we’ll help connect it to your Ayotree site.

Custom Domain Name or URL Example: 

Default Domain yourschoolname.ayotree.com

Custom Domain yourschoolname.com

Custom Email Service

Your custom domain name may also be used for automated Ayotree emails. This will help your students easily recognize and trust communications from your school.

Ayotree sends a variety of automated emails to your users when certain events occur. For example, once a student enrolls in your school, Ayotree will automatically send an enrollment confirmation email to the student. When the student receives the email, it will come from Ayotree’s email system. The “from” address will display as “noreply@ayotree.com”. With the custom email service, Ayotree’s automated emails will display “noreply@yourschoolname.com” in the “from” field.

Custom Email Example: 

Default Email emailsender@ayotree.com

Custom Email emailsender@yourschoolname.com

Third-party Integrations

Email Marketing (Mailing List) Service Integration

Ayotree partners with Mailchimp as the email marketing service provider to help you send mass emails to your mailing list. If you prefer to integrate a different email marketing provider (e.g. Constant Contact), please contact our team for details.

Payment Gateway Integration

Ayotree’s flexibility allows you to use many of the most popular payment gateways to accept payments on your site, including Paypal, Stripe, Alipay, and more. Check the list of payment gateway providers currently supported on Ayotree. If you don’t see your preferred service, we may be able to integrate it for you.

Customized Virtual Classroom Integrations  

Built-In Virtual Classroom Services:

All Ayotree plans currently support these virtual classroom services free of charge: 

  • Ayotree Whiteboard
  • BigBlueButton (BBB) Whiteboard
  • Zoom (Free plan)
  • Whereby (Free plan)

Free Third-Party Virtual Classroom Integrations

Ayotree can also integrate these third-party virtual classroom services for free upon request:

  • Zoom (Pro plan or above)
  • Vedamo (Requires a paid Vedamo subscription)
  • ClassIn (Requires a paid ClassIn subscription. Ayotree discount available.)
  • Google Meets (Requires a Google Meets account)
  • Skype (Requires a Skype account)

If you would like to connect Ayotree to a virtual classroom software that is not listed above, we may be able to develop a custom integration for you for a one-time fee. Contact our support team for assistance.

Pricing for Customization and Integration Services

The services below require a recurring monthly fee:

White Label = $100 per month (Includes custom domain and custom email)

The services below require a one-time setup fee:

Payment Gateway Integration = $250 one time setup fee

Email Marketing Provider Integration = $250 one time setup fee

Virtual Classroom Integration = $250 one time setup fee

Depending on the complexity of the service, our development team usually requires 3 to 10 business days to complete the request. For more information or to request a service, please chat with our support team or email support@ayotree.com.