Refer a friend to Ayotree and receive a discount credit for the next 6 months per friend.
Your friend receives a 50% discount for the 1st month.

The discount credit depends on your friend’s subscription plan.
It looks like this:

Standard – $10 credit per month (Up to $60)
Premium – $25 credit per month (Up to $150)
Franchise – $87.50 credit per month (Up to $525)
See terms and conditions below for the details.

Refer a friend

Tell your friends about Ayotree

Start using Ayotree

Your friends sign up and mentioned your school name as the referrer

Receive a discount

You and your friend receive a discount.

Terms and Conditions

Your friend is not Ayotree’s previous or current client. If your friend has been in contact with Ayotree in the last three months, the discount is not valid. Your friend receives a 50% discount on the first-month payment. If your friend purchases the year plan, they will get one extra free month (13 months instead of 12 months). The discount credit depends on the subscription plan of your Friends. If your friend cancels their contract within the initial six month period, then your discount will be prorated. You will receive the discount credit within five business days after your friend completes the payment of the month. The credit is valid for twelve months and will automatically expire  if you don’t use it. There is no limit to the number of friends you refer to us. If you refer several friends, your discount credit will combine. This program only applies to individual locations. If you have several locations, the discount will only apply to the 1 Location and portal. Referral credit is for your Ayotree subscription, can’t be redeemed for cash or other services. Referral credit is non-transferrable and nonrefundable.